An evening of styling, All that Glitters

All was happy down at Merchant House the other night.

Sugars enjoyed wines from Sarabande, a wonderful wine from Faugeres and the creation of an Aussie guy and an Irish lass! After years in the wine industry in Australia and NZ, they upped sticks and moved to France, kids in tow, to take on the big boys. Their wine is very special indeed and they have never looked back.

Gin from Burleighs and cool cocktails from the boys behind the bar. We are loving Merchant House and it is fast becoming our fave place to rave about in the City. Hidden from the masses, it’s a great place to meet friends after work or meet a date and if they’re running late, you will be very happy sitting alone for a while. The staff will make sure you’re taken care of. Burleighs Gin is the best out there infused with the world’s finest botanicals to give smooth, crisp and complex flavours. We LOVE our Burleighs G&T!

We set the challenge for our Sugar Style Squad – get our girl party ready by taking her from desk to disco! The dress was from The Fold London and was smart and stylish, perfect for work. Our creative genius Makia went for 1940’s Hollywood. She added a cream fur stole, diamanté belt and a cream fedora with feather trim. Shoes were hot vintage suede courts in black. Broaches were charity shop and family heirlooms. The look was Marlene Dietrich at cocktail hour. As glamorously perfect as Maika!

The next challenge was for Angelo. Normally a stylist on men’s magazines and blogs, we thought it would be fun for him to dress a woman for a change! As Kate Moss is an idol of his, he went for Rock Chick. He teamed the dress with a white shirt underneath, check haberdashery ribbon as a neck tie, and a cool tartan and faux leather jacket to finish. Heels were high. Angelo likes to mix masculine pieces with feminine ones, creating a fresh new look. He’s also ace at picking up bits and pieces from around the globe – who else can look that good in a jacket for 25p picked up in a Polish market?!

Hair and make up was taken care of by our beauty friends. Darren from By Terry; the brand synonymous with Hollywood, smoked eyes and plumped up lips. For the first look, lips were deep berry and for the second, more nude. Eyes were dark and ready to party whilst skin remained as Dewy as ever. The products not only look beautiful on the skin, but come in the most stylish of packaging. Silver cases with magnetic tops, eyeshadows and blushers beautifully pressed with a “quilted” design on top, and By Terry even signs the lipsticks! No wonder it’s a favourite of Eva Longoria and Kate Winslet.
Both make up looks were great and complemented the looks brilliantly, and all make up is available at Space NK, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Pin up & Pearls were in charge of hair and the rules for hair and hats, is keep it simple. Hair was swept to the side in a loose ponytail and pinned in place creating a perfect platform to show off that fedora. Out with the spray for the second look, when hair was left loose and “bed head”. The spray used adds texture as well as hold and comes in a variety of colours. Great for the festive season, and it can all wash out for New Years Day!

There was talk, wine, giggles, business card exchanges and make overs plus hat trying on with Retford & Co who have launched some great colours and styles for the season.

Our Style Squad shall be appearing on our new website in 2015 with tips, tools of the trade and more, so keep em peeled.

Job done!



Join us and get party ready!



UPDATE…Due to some lovely peeps, we have FREEBIE tickets to give away!

Remember to book your spot as free spaces are gone once they’re gone!

Tra la la la la! It’s that time of year again to get in the party spirit and get glittery!

We are heading to Merchant House on December 1st for our Christmas Event; All that Glitters. Join us for delicious drinks, courtesy of Burleighs Gin and Sarabande wines. Meet some great people and find out all about Sugar Group and what we are up to.

In true Sugar fashion, there’s something for everyone from styling tips from our Sugar stylists to make up tips from By Terry; available at Space NK and Harrods. Fashion Seeker shall be filling us in on how they got started and what it takes to make it in the world of fashion.

Party hair won’t let you down as Pin up & curls shows you how to go from office to bar in one quick quiff n spray! If you want something to help with those bad hair days, then Retford and Co will be on hand with their latest headgear.

The raffle for the evening shall support Floral Angels; our wonderful friends at Covent Garden Flower market who recycle flowers and give them away to those in need.

Drinks, talks, tips and more. Join us at Merchant House, the city’s new fave place according to Bar Chick, and we are rather fond of it too!



Blown away!

With us all being so busy, juggling family life, work and play, sometimes we forget to make that hair appointment and want a blow dry like YESTERDAY but the salon can’t fit it in until next Tuesday! What is a girl to do?

Luckily help is at hand and Sugar Group has fallen head over heels in love with Blow. This new concept beauty bar in Covent Garden and Canary Wharf is just what we’ve been waiting for. Quick appointments that you can make on line, on the day and even just half an hour away (subject to availability), confirmation straight to your smartphone, even a receipt to put through expenses, it’s the perfect salon for girls on the go.

The staff are friendly, sweet and talented, greet you with a smile and a cuppa and if needed, help you choose a style or make up look you want from the photo gallery. There’s a Luxe, a Beach, a Power, a Straight, a Blow n Braid and more! Make up wise there’s cocktail and party looks, plus a simple vintage flick if that’s your thing.

Hair, make up, false eye lashes and beauty products galore – make up and Blow!
This week only……Blow have given Sugars a 20% discount offer at the New Canary Wharf store. Get on the blower and book a spot.


Sugar Lady of the Month – Orla Constant of Constant PR


Sugar Group enjoys a coffee in between tube stops with the lovely Orla Constant of Constant PR.

Orla works hard at helping others and is a great person to know on the charity circuit. She is a NED member of Cage 4 All and also Centrepoint, raising profiles as well as much needed funds. She also works in PR, marketing and events for some luxury British brands. Clive Christian kitchens and perfume being one, and what women doesn’t want to cook in gorgeous surroundings whilst smelling fabulous?!

We asked Orla some Sugar questions and here’s what she had to say!

Your 24 hours
Wow! They are never the same. I get up at 6am and before I know it, it’s the end of the day. I spend time in meetings, visiting the charities and clients I represent, plus attending various events. If I am organising an event, the pressure is on, but the feedback is always positive and if we have raised money whilst guests enjoy themselves, then I flop into bed happy!

Clothes and work style?
Oh I think I am a little shabby and chic! (Orla, we think you are porky pie-ing as you always look great)

Cook? Ready meal or Reservations?
I wish it were reservations! Sometimes it is, but most of the time, it’s cook! I have 4 men in the house all over 6ft who “constantly” need feeding!

Family/partner/dog/cat or rabbit?
I have been married forever and have 3 sons all taller than me! They are all great. One is at uni, one manages a gastro pub and the other is studying A levels.

Mark D’Arcy or Christian Grey?
Ooooooh – both?

Does Hendricks and Fever Tree over ice really count as Mother’s Ruin?
Not at all. I love a nice G&T.

How do you get people to donate or give their time for “gratis?”
Oooh, I tell them to look into my liquorice eyes and tell me all sorts!

Do you sleep with your iPad?
Afraid to say I do, and I throw in headphones for good measure.

Office or virtual?
Bit of both

Business plan or scribbles on a napkin?
I have a business plan for my events and PR business, plus other great ones I am just sitting on until the time is right.

What’s happening next?
I’m packing up my sleeping bag and tooth brush to join Centrepoint for the Big Sleep, this Thursday at the Truman Brewery.

Supermarket style – can you get away with it?

Most of us wake up to a clothing dilemma. The outfit we so carefully put together in our heads for that all important meeting or lunch now looks all wrong. It’s raining for starters. We’d all like it to be a Marlene Birger Monday or a Victoria Beckham one come to that, but sadly for many, budget does not allow. We scour the high street in search of that special something from River Island or Top Shop (mutton dressed as?!) settling for black basics from H&M in the hope that no one will notice. In the light of day, the cooly put together vintage/charity outfit which went down a storm at a Bethnal Green breakfast doesn’t quite nail it at a meeting in the city. It’s all too much and where’s our personal stylist when we need one?

For simple stylish work chic that’s gorgeous and well made in the UK, check out The Fold London. Their range of dresses, classic cut trousers, basic shirts and jackets suit everybody. A favourite for the working woman, they can be dressed up or down taking you elegantly from boardroom to bar. We love ‘em.

But what if the budget simply isn’t there? Would we turn to the supermarket for the latest seasonal trends? image

Will we ever be comfortable confessing that our simple shift was purchased whilst checking out the expiry date on the almond milk with the meat and two veg?

There’s quite a few to choose from. Gok at Sainsburys followed by the more casual TU, and Florence & Fred over at Tesco. Asda brings us the delights of George’s designs and for the moment, Morrisons are happy sticking to tights and kids clothing.

We thought it would be a fun experiment – could we really spend a work day in a supermarket outfit and get away with it? Armed with vouchers where a fiver goes a very long way, it’s off to Tesco.

Florence et Frederique have gone a bit “ooh la la”. When did that happen? The ad campaign is all quite groovey and the sleek design of the rails and displays looks a tiny bit VB if you squint. There’s a nice unstructured black crepe jacket, and it looks like they only have 5 left. Does that mean they have sold 768 of them, or have they realised that we don’t want to wear what she’s wearing? I ask the assistant, who is most helpful telling me that yes, there are more designs but less quantity, and would I like her to put some things together for me? What’s it for? Work? A Party? The weekend? Blimey. With this kind of service, there’s no reason for Tesco to be millions in debt. We settle on some dresses, the crepe jacket, a faux leather skirt and a sheer floral shirt. Supermarket sizing is very strange, my excuse, so it’s off to the changing room armed with a selection. I love one of dresses, like the jacket, the faux leather skirt doesn’t make it past my knees and the shirt has puckered shoulders.

Vouchers, club card points, discount voucher, BOGOF and 2for1s later, I’m out of there. Dressed to impress on Tesco Tuesday, let’s see who notices…….

FIVE to See…


Sticking to our FIVE theme, with the launch of Sugar Group + FIVE Club, we will be heading down this month to London’s Southbank to check out FIVE great new films, by some of our top British directors at the BFI Film Festival. Sugar is particularly excited to see the talented and handsome, Callum Turner, in John Boorman’s new film, Queen & Country, he is just as gorgeous on screen as he is in the flesh.